“The Alexis & Destiny Chronicles – Part I:

Love Sick & Sick of Love”

Written by Eudora Tucker

Directed by James Bonney


This dramatic comedy is the introduction to the sometimes crazy world of BFF’s Alexis and Destiny.  Alexis or “Lexy” as she is affectionately referred to by Destiny, is a record exec at a major hip hop label.  She is the sensible/responsible one and is totally obsessed with her career.  She has no time or desire to be in a long term relationship.  “These men are all just a waste of time anyway.” she tells Destiny in the bathroom of one of NYC’s hottest clubs in the opening scene.  Destiny on the other hand is the aging party girl that refuses to grow up and get a real life.  With her over the top “Diva” attitude, she has found herself once again unemployed, but still ready to party. “Who needs a job??? My JOB is to look as good as I do!” she unabashedly proclaims to anyone who will listen. A bottle of champagne is sent over to their table and they are both pleasantly surprised when their admirer, Eric Alexander, comes over to introduce himself.  A whirlwind relationship develops between Eric and Lexy, which ultimately leaves Destiny feeling neglected and ignored by her one time best friend.  Confrontation and drama ensues as Destiny tries to win her best friend back and culminates in an unforgettable ending that will leave the audience eagerly awaiting the next installment of “The Alexis & Destiny Chronicles”.

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